Online Signups for 2023 Spring League

2023 Spring League signups run from January 3 through January 31. Spring League play will start on February 26.

If your registration is not complete by midnight January 31 you will lose your spot in the league. No exceptions will be made. PLEASE DO NOT WAIT UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE!!!

Signing Up

Each team that played in the 2022 Spring League has a slot reserved in their same Group in the 2023 Spring League. As long as you have your signup in order by the end of the signup period your slot is guaranteed.

For electronic scoring security, each team is assigned a four digit team Identification Number (TIN). To score a match, a player needs to enter the TIN for one of the teams playing the match. This is to prevent mischievous outsiders from messing with our scores. Your TIN is displayed on your team signup page, and on your team schedule and roster pages during the season. You may freely share your TIN with your players, but it should not be shared outside your team.

Signup Rules

  • Your roster must have at least six (6) and at most ten (10) players.
  • You must keep at least five (5) players from your 2022 team.
  • After your five returning players, you may add players that have played in the league before, or players that are new to the league, in any combination
  • The waiver form was redesigned at the start of the 2021 Spring season. All players who have not yet signed the new waiver will need to sign a copy before the end of the signup period. On your team signup page there is an button to print a waiver form for each player on your team. Or you may download the waiver form here. Once a waiver is signed email a scanned copy to us. Waivers must be actually received by us by midnight January 31 to be accepted. We will not accept waivers after midnight on January 31.
  • Every team member must have an email address, telephone number, and zip code of residence on file. During the signup process, please ensure that these items are up to date for every player.
  • The registration fee is $400 per team, regardless of the number of players on your roster.
  • You may not make any roster changes after the signup period ends.
  • If, at the end of the signup period, you have fewer than ten players on your roster, players from the waiting list may be added to your roster by the League.

Signup Procedure

  • The capo of each team is responsible for signing up their team.
  • If you want to change your capo or your team name, please email us with the details.
  • If your team will not be playing in the 2023 Spring League, please email us with the details.
  • Capos should each have a login account on the bocce website; capo login accounts remain active. However, after a year some account links may have been lost. In this case you will need to re-register your Facebook/Google/Microsoft account using the registration code supplied to you via email. New capos will need to create their logins. Instructions are in the home page article "Logging in to the Clayton Bocce Website."
  • During the signup period, each capo may log in as often as needed to update their roster and pay their registration fee.
  • Please update any of your players' emails, phone numbers and/or zip codes that may have changed.
  • Registration fee, if any, may be paid online using a PayPal account or a major credit card.
  • Please help us by paying online. If you cannot pay online, you may pay by check as long as we receive it by the end of your signup period.

Scoresheets No Longer Required

As announced at the Fall Capo meeting, we no longer require that paper scoresheets be filled out and turned in for each match. If your electronic score is complete and correct, there is no need to turn in paper.

We have had electronic scoring for almost two years, and teams have become proficient in keeping score electronically. Over the last three seasons we have had three invalid e-scores out of 847, for a success rate of 99.65%.

With the elimination of paper scoresheets, we can now post results and update standings and stats within 15 minutes after completion of the final match of a session.

Things to Keep In Mind

  1. With no paper score, it is important for teams to pay attention to the scoreboards and notify the scorekeeper immediately if there is an error.
  2. Our scoring system runs on servers in a secure, commercial grade data center. In the rare case of a system outage, you need to be able to complete the match score on paper. You may want to have a paper scorecard handy, and maybe keep track of the score without bothering to fill in team names, player names, etc.
  3. The scoreboards are not essential for electronic scoring; they simply show the results. If the scoreboards are not working, you should continue to keep score electronically.
  4. We have wifi at the courts, but it is recommended that you use a device that can connect using cellular data as well as wifi. Then, if there is a wifi outage, you can continue to e-score using your cellular connection.
  5. Be sure the device you use for e-scoring is fully charged before the match.

If You Do Not E-Score

Teams are strongly urged to use e-scoring. However, if both teams in a match decline to e-score the match:

  1. You must complete, sign, and turn in a paper scoresheet.
  2. Players will not receive credit for games played in the match for the purpose of determining playoff eligibility.
  3. Team and player statistics will not be compiled for either team, for the season.
  4. You will create more work for the league scorekeeper, and bad karma will follow.

Team Stats are Available

With the introduction of electronic scoring, we can harvest statistics from game records. The first phase is now complete: Team statistics are now available. There are three types of statistics for a team: Frame, Game and Casino.

You may view the team statistics for any team by clicking the stats link at the bottom of the roster or schedule page for that team.

Frame Statistics

Frame statistics show number of frames won/lost/tied and average points per frame, by individual and by pair, with a team summary. Frames in which either team played shorthanded are not included. There are also breakdowns for frames rolled with the pallino and frames rolled without the pallino.

Game Statistics

Game statistics show number of games won/lost, winning percentage, and average win/loss margin, by individual, by pair, and by lineup, with a team summary. Games in which either team played any frame shorthanded are not counted. Forfeits are not counted.

To be counted, the individual, pair, or lineup must have played the entire game. So, if there is a substitution in the game, that game will not be counted for:

  • The individual player that was subbed out.
  • The individual player that was subbed in.
  • The pair that was involved in the substitution.
  • The lineup, either before or after the substitution.
It will be counted for:
  • The individual players that were not subbed out.
  • The pair that was not involved in the substitution.
  • Overall team statistics.

For individuals and pairs, there are additional columns for "Clinchers" won and lost. A clincher is the final, winning/losing frame of a game. Clincher wins and losses are an indication of ability to "seal the deal."

Casino Statistics

The Casino statistics show the number of casinos scored or conceded by individual and by pair, with a team summary. Casinos in which the conceding team played shorthanded are not counted.


All three categories include statistics by individual. An individual is credited with the results of any frame/game/casino in which they participated. For example, if Alice and Bob playing together win a frame with two points, each of them will be credited with a two point frame win for the purpose of individual statistics. If Alice and Bob playing together play a full game and win by five points, they will each be credited with a game win by five points. So, Alice's results will be influenced by the quality of play by Bob, and vice versa. Take this as you will; it may lead to some interesting discussions.

Coming Attractions

We will be adding pages that show these statistics ranked within groups and also ranked over the entire season.

Logging in to the Clayton Bocce Website

With several planned additions to the bocce website, league capos are being issued login accounts on Whether for the upcoming online team signups or the planned online scoring system, it is necessary to secure and control access to functions that modify information on the website.

Website access control systems can be quite complicated: userids, passwords, secret questions, password resets, two-factor authentication and more. For the website we decided not to include another access control system; instead we will use well known existing systems. If you are issued a account, you will need to have a Facebook, Google, or Microsoft account, and you will login using your Facebook, Google, or Microsoft userid and password. We did this for two reasons:

  1. These three providers have full-featured, robust, and secure access control systems.
  2. Many persons have an account on one of these three systems. By leveraging their existing account, they can avoid having yet another userid and password to remember.

How it Works

The process for logging in to

  1. Click Login in the upper right of this page.
  2. On the login page click one of the three buttons to select the login service you wish to use: Facebook, Google, or Microsoft.
  3. Login on your selected service. (This step may be skipped if you are already logged in to the service.) The first time you login you may be asked to authorize Clayton Bocce to link to your account. After you login you will be returned to the Clayton Bocce website.
  4. You will only need to do this the first time you login. Register your Facebook, Google, or Microsoft account with your Clayton Bocce account. When your account is set up, you will receive an email with a one-time registration code. Enter your one-time registration code on the registration page and click the Register button. This will create a link between your Facebook, Google, or Microsoft account and your account.


  • The login page has a checkbox labeled Remember Me. If you are using a private computer, you may want to check the Remember Me box on the login page. This will cause your browser to store your login credentials on your computer and automatically log you in when you access the Clayton Bocce website. Note: your login credentials are sensitive, so you must use https for automatic login. (ie.
  • This website does not access any of the information in your Facebook, Google, or Microsoft account. Your contact list, calendar, friend list, etc. are not visible to this website. Your userid and password are not passed to this website.
  • When you are logged in, Login in the upper right corner will be replaced by your name. Click or hover over your name to open a pop-up menu where you may logout or view and update your account profile.

What If I Do Not have One of the Required Accounts?

We anticipate that most bocce league members will have a Facebook, Google, or Microsoft account. If you do not have one you will need to create one. The alternative would be for the bocce website to have its own userids and passwords, but then you would have to create one of those, so what's to be gained?

Google and Microsoft accounts are simpler than Facebook, so if you just need an account to access the bocce website, we suggest either of these.

  • To create a Google account:
    • Go to the Google home page.
    • Click the Sign in button in the upper right corner.
    • Click Add Account and fill in your information.
  • To create a Microsoft account:
    • Go to the Microsoft home page.
    • Click Sign in in the upper right corner.
    • Click Sign up now and fill in your information.

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