The Bocce Courts Are Closed

Per order of Contra Costa Health Services, the Ipsen Family Bocce Park is closed until April 7.

This includes league play, open play, and rentals.

2020 Schedule and Rules Changes

2020 Schedule


The schedule will be changing due to court closure ordered by Contra Costa Health Services. A new schedule will be published when the closure order is lifted.

The 2020 Bocce calendar is now available. The calendar lists key dates for the Clayton Bocce League and the Ipsen Family Bocce Park, including the 2020 Spring, Summer and Fall League seasons.

While we have made every effort to finalize dates for 2020, there is always the possibility that changes will be necessary due to weather or other unpredictable events.

The calendar may be viewed here.

Rule Changes

There are two rule changes that went into effect at the start of the 2019 Fall Season:

  1. Forfeited matches are now scored with a six point differential (Section 1.14).
  2. Section 1.17 has been revised and a new Section 1.18 added, setting forth the process for addressing Code of Conduct issues and the consequences of violating the Code.

You may view the current rules here.

Some 2019 Spring Scoring Stats

Margin of Victory

There were 945 regular season games in the 2019 Spring league. 24 of the games (2.5%) were forfeited. The remaining 921 games had margins of victory from 2 (close game) to 12 (shutout). The following chart shows the distribution of the margins of victory.

Overtime Games

Of the 921 games played, 67 (7.3%) went into "overtime." The following chart shows the distribution of overtime scores.

Heat, Wind and Pollution

With the summer season starting in August, we anticipate the usual questions about canceling play due to excessive heat, high winds, or poor air quality. To provide some structure for decisions on when to cancel matches, the bocce committee is adopting the following guidelines. These are guidelines; we may deviate from them if conditions warrant.


We will cancel matches if a National Weather Service Excessive Heat Warning is in effect for any time during the matches. According to the National Weather Service, an Excessive Heat Warning means that some people can be seriously affected by heat if precautions are not taken.


We will cancel matches if a National Weather Service Wind Advisory or High Wind Warning is in effect for any time during the matches. A Wind Advisory is issued when sustained winds of 30 to 39 MPH for at least one hour or gusts 40-57 MPH are expected. A high wind warning is issued when wind may pose a hazard to property or is life threatening.


We will cancel matches if the Air Quality Index (AQI) is forecast to be in the Unhealthy or higher range at any time during the match. The higher the AQI value, the greater the level of air pollution and the greater the health concern. At an AQI of 151 (Unhealthy) or above everyone may begin to experience health effects; members of sensitive groups may experience more serious health effects.

Logging in to the Clayton Bocce Website

With several planned additions to the bocce website, league capos are being issued login accounts on Whether for the upcoming online team signups or the planned online scoring system, it is necessary to secure and control access to functions that modify information on the website.

Website access control systems can be quite complicated: userids, passwords, secret questions, password resets, two-factor authentication and more. For the website we decided not to include another access control system; instead we will use well known existing systems. If you are issued a account, you will need to have a Facebook, Google, or Microsoft account, and you will login using your Facebook, Google, or Microsoft userid and password. We did this for two reasons:

  1. These three providers have full-featured, robust, and secure access control systems.
  2. Many persons have an account on one of these three systems. By leveraging their existing account, they can avoid having yet another userid and password to remember.

How it Works

The process for logging in to

  1. Click Login in the upper right of this page.
  2. On the login page click one of the three buttons to select the login service you wish to use: Facebook, Google, or Microsoft.
  3. Login on your selected service. (This step may be skipped if you are already logged in to the service.) The first time you login you may be asked to authorize Clayton Bocce to link to your account. After you login you will be returned to the Clayton Bocce website.
  4. You will only need to do this the first time you login. Register your Facebook, Google, or Microsoft account with your Clayton Bocce account. When your account is set up, you will receive an email with a one-time registration code. Enter your one-time registration code on the registration page and click the Register button. This will create a link between your Facebook, Google, or Microsoft account and your account.


  • The login page has a checkbox labeled Remember Me. If you are using a private computer, you may want to check the Remember Me box on the login page. This will cause your browser to store your login credentials on your computer and automatically log you in when you access the Clayton Bocce website. Note: your login credentials are sensitive, so you must use https for automatic login. (ie.
  • This website does not access any of the information in your Facebook, Google, or Microsoft account. Your contact list, calendar, friend list, etc. are not visible to this website. Your userid and password are not passed to this website.
  • When you are logged in, Login in the upper right corner will be replaced by your name. Click or hover over your name to open a pop-up menu where you may logout or view and update your account profile.

What If I Do Not have One of the Required Accounts?

We anticipate that most bocce league members will have a Facebook, Google, or Microsoft account. If you do not have one you will need to create one. The alternative would be for the bocce website to have its own userids and passwords, but then you would have to create one of those, so what's to be gained?

Google and Microsoft accounts are simpler than Facebook, so if you just need an account to access the bocce website, we suggest either of these.

  • To create a Google account:
    • Go to the Google home page.
    • Click the Sign in button in the upper right corner.
    • Click Add Account and fill in your information.
  • To create a Microsoft account:
    • Go to the Microsoft home page.
    • Click Sign in in the upper right corner.
    • Click Sign up now and fill in your information.

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